By now many of you have heard the call from Ralph the Third to my show.  He called to discuss the bad check he wrote for his qualifying fee to run for re-election to the State Senate. Since I am regarded as a troublemaker, I couldn't resist asking Abernathy about  the high-speed chase he led the East Point police on several years ago.  He denied leading the police on a high speed chase.  He denied leading the police on a low speed chase.  He denied leading the police on any chase at all.  He categorized the incident as "getting a traffic ticket."

Well, for those of you who heard Ralph the Third's denials, I now offer you a transcript of the police report generated by the incident.  For what it's worth, there is also a video tape of the incident.  Maybe I can find a way to load that clip so some of you can see it. 

So, In addition to being a deadbeat (remember, there are 46 judgments against Abernathy in Fulton County Court), and  a drug smuggler --- is Ralph the Third also a LIAR?  Read the police report and decide for yourself:



Case No. 9401000648

Incident Type:    Traffic Arrest
Premise Type:    Highway/Road
Location:    Semmes St.
Date:    1/14/94  Time:  1505

Offender:    Ralph David Abernathy III.     Race:   Black    Sex:  Male     DOB:    3/19/59
HGT:    507    WGT: 165   Hair:  Black    Eyes:  Brown

Police Officers Nesbit, Roberson and Mote


    On 14 Jan 94 (Fri) at 1505 hours, I was stopped at a red light at Southbound Semmes at Norman Berry Drive, East Point, Ga.   Officer Nesbit was stopped on the other side of the intersection.  Officer Nesbit was stopped at the red light Northbound on Semmes at Norman Berry Drive.  The traffic way flow for Southbound Semmes is as follows:  The curb lane is for thru traffic, and the left lane is a left turn lane.
    I was stopped in the thru land with two (2) vehicles in front of me.   The left turn lane had three (3) vehicles in it.
    I observed a Dodge Dynasty 4-door, blue in color, with Ga. Tag SS38 displayed, traveling South on Semmes.  The Dodge drove left of the traffic in the left turn lane waiting at the red light.  The Dodge was driving South in the Northbound lane of Semmes.  The Dodge drove thru the red light without stopping and turned right (West) onto Norman Berry Drive.  The Dodge continued west on Norman Berry Drive at a high rate of speed with its four-way flashers on.  I attempted to make an enforcement stop of the Dodge using blue lights and siren from a marked police car.  The Dodge failed to yield to the police car and passed a vehicle.  The passing was on a double yellow line in a curve going up a hill.  The Dodge continued west on Norman Berry Drive.  With the intersection of Delowe Westbound Norman Berry Drive had a red light.  The Dodge drove around the traffic stopped at the red light and drove through the red light.  The Dodge continued West on Headland Drive at a high rate of speed.  The Dodge passed four vehicles on a double yellow line, on a hill, and entered a 30mph school zone.  In the school zone the Dodge ran a vehicle off the road and almost hit another.  The Dodge was over 60mph in the school zone.   The Dodge entered the parking lot of Paul D. West Middle School and stopped.   The Dodge contained three people,  a male drive, a female front seat passenger, and a male in the back seat.  The driver jumped out of the car and ran toward me with a card in his hand yelling "I'm a Deputy Sheriff!  I'm a Deputy Sheriff!"  The male stated he had an emergency.  When questioned about the emergency he stated that he had a speaking engagement at the school and he was late.   Also he told me he had a blue light permit, but had not picked up the blue light.   The male was identified as State Senator Abernathy and two of his staff members.
    Capt. Mote arrived at the scene and Abernathy was released to give his talk at the school, while the male staff member took the citations that were issued to Abernathy.  Citation #'s 65390, 65391, 65392 (Red Light, Failed to Yield to Emergency Vehicle, Reckless Driving) Court date 2 Feb 94 1600 hours.  Abernathy's license was surrendered in lieu of bail.

Reporting Officer, Gerard Roberson.

    It's clear, isn't it.  Georgia State Senator Ralph David Abernathy III is also a liar ... in the great tradition of the leader of his political party.

    You will also recall that conversation I asked Ralph the Third about his drug smuggling arrest at Hartsfield Airport.  I asked him if, in fact, he had wrapped that marijuana up in a condom which he then shoved up his Senatorial butt.  He said no.  Gee .... do you think he might be lying about that too?

    Glorioski!  This guy is a LAWMAKER!

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